V9 - The interior studio

With the intension to enhance the lifestyle and standard of living for people and bring their dream to live in their dream house, V9 Interiors was founded in 2013. Being aware that our home is an essential part of our life and we invest a noteworthy amount time and money, we at V9 Interiors strive hard to make your dream come true.

The combination of perfect designs and the advanced tech makes us know exactly what people have in mind and hence gain their confidence. With a plethora of designs for residential and commercial projects, we make sure that every user ends up with a satisfactory smile on his face.

Vinay Dhavalaey, Founder at V9, is one of the significant entities responsible for the success of our firm. Having published articles for AURA 2015 magazine as chief editor, he has also showcased his skills greatly since 2014 via A&I Digest Design Exhibition, which intents to bring architecture and interior design trends, worldwide and ethnic, to the masses, as said by Amit Danait. Furthermore, A&I Digest Design Exhibition 2016, 2017, and 2018 were also lucky to once again experience the skillset of Mr. Dhavalaey. Mr. Dhavalaey grabbed audiences attention by grabbing the second position for Product Exhibition Display Competition in 2019.

Our work and designs were extremely capable and sufficient to get mentioned in Yug Designs, a national level magazine, not once, not twice, but three times in a row. This reflects our ability to fulfill user requirements and gain their trusts. Our ultimate aim is offer our service to all the users worldwide and work beyond the clock to fulfill their dreams via us.

Meet & Agree

We believe that communication is the first step for a fruitful business. Hence, we personally meet our customers.


Idea & Concept

When both the sides decide on the terms and conditions of working, our team at V9 Interiors reach at the site for inspection.


Design & Create

Once the plan is fixed, the team now works in two groups. Once group works on technical aspects where factors such as flooring, electrical elements.


Build & Install

Once the customer is satisfied with the plan and the 3D view, our team starts working on actually implementing the design determined by the client.


Who Are We

Our designs imbibe elements of comfort as well as the client desire. We understand, house is much more than just a mere shelter but space that should lift us emotionally and spiritually. With our designs we ensure your space tell your biography.

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Vinay Dhavalaey

Founder & Designer